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Mindfulness Meditation is a technique to create space in your life for more positivity. 

When we practice mindfulness, we have improved physical and emotional health.

It can even help us live longer.

If you stroke your pet or hold your pet in your lap,

you are Petitating.


If you break into a smile when you think about your pet and the happiness she brings into your life,

you are Petitating.


If you consciously take a deep breath before you react to your pet when he has misbehaved,

you are Petitating.


Our Petitations will teach you how to Petitate  in a deeper,

more consistent and more satisfying way.

Before I delve into the different types of Petitations, let me comment on "The Monkey Mind." Remember, most of us have busy minds so it's common for your mind to wander. Just observe the thought and bring yourself back to the Petitation. It’s helpful not to judge yourself, no matter how frustrated you get. If a particular Petitation doesn’t speak to you, don’t worry about it, just notice it and know that it will be available if you need or want to access it in the future.


It’s all about developing a mindful practice that works for you. 

It’s also important to remember that most of us will work up to longer sits.  I’ve provided you with Petitations of varying lengths. 

If your pet doesn't want to Petitate with you, then you can always do the Gratitude Petitation or the Equanimity Petitation.

I conclude each Petitation by ringing a Tibetan singing bowl. Tibetan singing bowls have been used throughout the world in various ways as part of a mindfulness practice.  You can read about Tibetan Singing Bowls when you click here.

The Basic Petting Petitation

This is great quality time with your pet. In Buddhist meditation you often focus on your breath to anchor yourself in the present so you are not worrying about the future or obsessing about the past.  In this Petitation, you will use stroking your pet as your anchor.  Or, you can connect with  your pet by feeling his breathing and heartbeat.

The Pet Scan Petitation

Use your sight, touch, hearing, and smell as you focus on your pet from the ears down to the tip of the tail. 

This Petitation is perhaps the most enjoyable and fun for both of you, as you notice new things every time. 

It can also maken you aware of changes in your pet's health.

The Gratitude Petitation

We love our pets!  As you focus on how grateful you are to have your pet in your life you will increase your gratitude benefiting both you and your pet.

The Equanimity Petitation

We all get angry when our pets misbehave.  In this Petitation you can develop a little more space between your reactions and your actions when your pet upsets you, allowing you to respond in a way more helpful for you and your pet.

The Basic Breathing Petitation

If your pet is unavailable or unwilling, you can meditate whenever and wherever by focusing on your breath which is always with you.

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