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Welcome to Petitations

If you've tried to meditate
and found it too difficult
You have a reason to try Petitating
Petitating is easy and fun


It all started because of him.
No, not the man with the dog.
He's my father.
The black dog with the yellow ball was the catalyst.
Every time I meditated in my quiet place and tried to focus,
Pago cried and whined and scratched at the door until I finally
let him in
picked him up
and meditated with him.
Petitating was born.


When we sit quietly with our pet and experience a moment of joy,  comfort and peace, we are
Have you ever thought about meditating?
Do you share your life with a pet or with several pets?
How do you fit everyone and everything into your busy life?
You can do both at the same time as you Petitate
Try the free samples to see how
enjoyable Petitating is

Seldom in life are we offered a win-win.  When we Petitatewe get to improve our health, help our pets relax and form a deeper bond with us, and we no longer have to choose  between paying attention to our pets and meditating.

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